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Now “LIPOCONTRAST” at skin & you clinic

LipoContrast is a new technology that results in localized fat reduction within a
Selective and non-invasive procedure: thermal contrast lipolysis.

Lipocontrast is the non-invasive technique for local fat reduction is on the move.

Single session will last about 60 minutes.

Fat cells elimination
The elimination process of exposed adipocytes to LipoContrast action is Carried out on two different ways:

  • Part of the cells are disabled directly during the session
  • Other part will suffer cell destruction and will be gradually eliminated within a few weeks. Some fat cells are disabled during the session while others will be eliminated within 2 or 3 weeks

After the procedure
After being subjected to this triphasic thermal shock:

  • Some fat cells are immediately impaired and will be eliminated within a Few days
  • Others fat cells enter in cell destruction phase and will be progressively eliminated within a few weeks.


  • The new LipoContrast procedure
  • A faster and better fat tissue reduction compared with normal cryolysis procedure
  • Increased effectiveness on fibrous fat
  • Avoids traumatic experience of invasive methods such as liposuction
  • Prevent contiguous tissue damage that can occur with other technologies as radiofrequency, ultrasounds or lasers
Milk Peel and Vitamin C Peel

The latest introduced Peel for this party and Festive Season to begin with

Vitamin C Peel

Vitamin C Containing Peel which has 20 percent of Vitamin C
The treatment is mild, safe, no down time, no burning with a nice citrus fragrance
Treatment Time is 30 mins


Glow, facial lightening, skin brightening, tan removal

Milk peel
Natural lightening and brightening agents containing peel
No down time, mild acting peel for Dull complexion treatment
Treatment Time is 30 to 40 minutes
Skin whitening and brightening
Works good for post acne dark spots (PIH) marks

This Festive Season

Get Rejuvenated Look, Push Off Years from your Face and Look Glamorous…

Skin & You Clinic offers you a package including:

  • Whitening Facial
  • Underarm Painless Laser
    Hair Reduction (1 Session )
  • Botox For Frown Lines
  • Lower Face Tightening (1 Session)

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This Rakshabandhan……

Get Rejuvenated Look, Push Off Years from your Face and Look Glamorous….

Skin & You Clinic offers you a package including…

  • Whitening Facial
  • Laser Hair Reduction (Small Area)
  • Botox Trial
  • Oxygen Facial

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