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Hair Infection

Hair Infection

Infection of the hair could involve either the hair shaft or hair root bulb. It can be either fungal in origin or bacterial in origin

Fungal Infection of Hair / Tinea Capitis

Most commonly seen in young children, immunocompromised individuals, rarely in young adults. Predisposing factors can be close contacts in children, pets, and poor hygiene.

They can present either as loss of hair which can be scaly patch of partial hair loss appearing greyish in color (grey patch), or the broken/ fallen off hair will leave behind black dots (black dot variant). The hair within the patch will be lustreless and fragile.

Sometimes, tender pus filled patchy swelling can also be seen over scalp.


Can be done on the basis of clinical appearance, and microbiological examination.


Treatment at Skin & You Clinic

Include oral and topical antifungal which include griseofulvin, ketoconazole, itraconazole atleast for 6-8 weeks.

Bacterial infection of hair Follicle

It can present as superficial infection (folliculitis) or deep infection of hair follicle. Most commonly involved organism is staphylococci.


Poor hygiene, diabetes, immunocompromised status, trauma, excessive sweating.


It can be made on the basis of clinical examination, confirmed by culture and antibiotic sensitivity

Treatments at Skin & You Clinic

For recurrent lesions, ruling out predisposing factors with culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing is advisable.

Why Skin & You Clinic for Hair Infections?

We, at Skin & You Clinic, assess, examine and treat all dermatological conditions with utmost care.

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