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Allergy/ Itching

Allergy/ Itching

Itching is defined as the cutaneous sensation that elicits the desire to scratch. Itching may be localised, generalised or unremitting.it may be caused by a primary skin disorder, but in 10-50% patients, it may signal an underlying systemic disease.

Various systemic causes are:

  • Hyper/hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, gout
  • Hepatitis C infection
  • Iron deficiency
  • Pregnancy
  • Renal failure/ uraemia
  • Malignancy
  • Psychoneurosis- anorexia nervosa, parasitophobia
  • Misc- AIDS, SLE
  • Allergy- Parasitic/ worm infestation, food items

Various skin causes are:

  • Lichen planus
  • Psoriasis
  • Lice and ticks
  • Eczemas-atopic dermatitis, irritant/allergic contact dermatitis
  • Generalised dryness
  • Insect bites
  • Drug reactions

Why skin and you clinic for a case of itching:

At Skin and You clinic,we take a Detailed history to rule out predisposing factors, with clinical examination for presence of skin disorder. If needed blood investigation can be done or if required skin biopsy can be undertaken.

Treatment at skin and you clinic for itching:

If a diagnosable and removable systemic or cutaneous cause is present- treatment is fairly simple.

If the cause of the itching cannot be eliminated, symptomatic treatment is required.

Treatment is based on elimination of all the offending causes, along with topical and oral therapy:

  • Topical preparations: specific treatment for skin disease such as scabies, psoriasis and eczemas are prescribed when indicated. Bland emollients- containing menthol, camphor, calamine lotion are suitable. Topical steroids to control any acute eczema/ redness and oozing.
  • Systemic therapy: mainly anti histaminic are mainstay in oral treatment.
    These include Cetirizine, levo cetirizine, Chlorpheniramine, Desloratidine, etc. it should be taken as prescribed by the practitioner.

Why Skin & You Clinic for Itching Treatment:

We, at Skin & You Clinic, assess, examine and treat all dermatological conditions with utmost care and with latest interventions available.

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