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Warts/ Corns

Warts/ Corns
  • WARTS: one of the most common viral infections caused by HPV virus.
  • Different types of Warts:

    • Common Warts/ Verruca Vulgaris: they are greyish white, skin colored or darkly pigmented growth which can have rough surface or stalk like projections (digitate wart) or appear as bunch arising from single base resembling fingers of hand (filiform wart) site: elbows , knees, around or under nails, dorsum of hands and feet, even face and neck, scalp, genitals can be involved.
    • Plane Warts/ Verruca Plana: as the name suggest they are flat grouped skin coloured , brownish smooth lesions present most commonly over face, dorsum of hands and feet, forearms , shins.
    • Palmo-Plantar Warts: present over palms and soles, painful, gray or brown colored rounded, deep growths. They will be tender to touch if picked up between fingers.
    • Genital Warts/ Venereal Warts/ Condyloma Acuminate: they are sexually transmitted and are most commonly seen over genitals. They can be soft pink or greyish blue, soft,moist, and can even bleed on trauma.
    • Age:Seen in teenagers, young adults, and immunocompromised individuals.
      Warts are mostly spread by skin to skin contact, sometimes through fomites (sharing of shaving blades). They have tendency to auto inoculate i.e. spreading and multiplying in number with minor injury like scratching, or picking of growth.

      Treatment: electro cautery and trichloroacetic acid application
      Topically immune modulator creams, as prescribed by practitioner.


    • CORNS:

    Corn or callus is thickened accumulation of dead skin over pressure bearing area of palms and soles. They develop over long duration of constant pressure and friction over the area.
    Most common predisposing factors- ill fitted shoes, flat footwear, diabetes mellitus or in patients with neuropathy (sensations are decreased).

    How to differentiate warts and corn:



    On pairing: blackdots can be seen on the skin On pairing : soft white keratin core seen
    Tender or painful when picked up between fingers Tender or painful on vertical pressure


    Treatment at skin and you clinic:

    • Corn extraction can be done under local anaesthesia.
    • For maintenance, salicylic acid based exfoliating agents can be prescribed.
    • For longer term patients are advised to wear proper fitting shoes, with soft soles, and to get any local trauma checked out by the physician.

    Why Skin and You Clinic for warts and corn treatment?

    We at Skin and You Clinic aim at removing your corn and warts as painless as possible. Under the topical or local anaesthesia cover, we perform RF cautery or minor excision procedure along with topical prescription with complete counselling on how to take care post procedure and how to prevent its recurrences.

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