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Pigmentary Changes

Pigmentary Changes

Skin pigmentation results from the body producing either too much or too little melanin pigment.

A) Hypopigmentation

Is the loss of skin color. It is caused by melanocyte or melanin depletion, or a decrease in amino acid tyrosinase, which is used by melanocyte (melanin producing cells) to make melanin.

B) Hyperpigmentation

This is caused due to excessive production of the melanin pigment and manifests in the form of dark coloured patches on the skin.

Why Should I Choose Skin & You Clinic for Skin Pigmentary Changes?

A Skin & You Clinic specialist will thoroughly assess your skin and advise a treatment protocol best suited for your skin type. The treatment, its method and benefits, will be clearly explained. You will also get an understating of the post-treatment care protocol and necessary follow-up sessions.

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