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Medical Tattooing

Cutting edge techniques are used in the field of medical tattooing to diminish, improve and disguise scarring from surgery, injury, trauma and illness. Medical tattooing helps you to recover physically as well as psychologically by restoring your self esteem and self-confidence.

Treatments Available

Scar Camouflage

Usually about one year after a scar has healed, a technique called MCA is used to relax, flatten and soften the scar. MCA causes the body to go into a state of natural self-repair. In most cases Once skin is re-pigmented the color is permanent and will tan and fade the same as the surrounding skin. If the scar does not re-pigment on its own, carefully selected shades of pigments can also be implanted to match the scar to the color of the surrounding skin.

Areola and Nipple Reconstruction or Enhancement

Many women today have undergone a mastectomy, breast reduction, augmentation, reconstruction or uplift. Unfortunately these surgeries often leave behind unsightly and in some case dramatic scarring. An optical reconstruction of the areola and nipple tissue can be carried out following surgery once the breast has healed. Using carefully selected shades of pigment, the nipple and areola complex is realistically recreated with 3 dimensional shading.

Prior to the treatment a thorough consultation is carried out to determine the most pleasing position, shape, colour and size. MCA is also used to reduce outlying scars on the surrounding breast tissue. If you naturally have pale areolas, then the pigments can also be used to darken or add a youthful flush of colour to the areola.

Burn Relaxation and Camouflage

Contracted or uncomfortably tight burn scars can be relaxed and softened using the MCA technique. Camouflage pigments can also be used to blend colour to surrounding skin tissue, this is also extremely successful on skin grafts. Both treatments can only be done once the effected area has healed. Other treatments available include scalp camouflage, vitiligo camouflage and cleft lip reconstruction. Make an appointment today to find out how medical tattooing can change the way you feel about you!

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have become a very popular way of adorning our bodies and expressing ourselves. Often chosen in the spur of the moment, we later come to regret our chosen design. An unwanted tattoo can cause psychological and emotional distress and difficulty in social and work environments.

E-raze tattoo removal utilises a specially designed inorganic chemical remover, applied in the same method as the original tattoo. It is designed to draw the tattoo pigment out of the skin, removing the unwanted tattoo.

The treatment is substantially less painful than other removal methods and frequently more effective than laser removal options. It is can be used on professional or home made tattoos and permanent make-up.

The number of treatments may vary depending on your individual circumstances and condition of original tattoo. A body tattoo can be removed on average in around 4-8 treatments, while permanent makeup can usually be removed in 2-3 treatments.

Treatments are spaced at 8-12 week intervals and larger tattoos may have to be divided into sections for subsequent treatment.

Aftercare of the skin is of vital importance and must be followed rigidly to ensure the pigments are properly expelled, and the area heals properly. It will take some time for the skin to fully regain its normal pigment and to properly accept a tan.

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