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We at skin and you clinic achieve inch loss and weight loss through different modes

  • ILipo
  • Accent Ultra Radio Frequency
  • Lipolysis injections
  • Diet and Nutrition


The procedure takes around 30 to 35 mins it is completely safe and painless treatment for targeted fat reduction
Inch loss varies from person to person but one can expect to go down atleast by 2 dress sizes which has been documented.

The procedure works as low level of visible diode laser lights which is painlessly absorbed by individual fat cell.the content is broken into fatty acid which escapes through cell wall and is easily burned down by body.


The treatment is meant for body contouring with successful results for inch loss,cellulite improvement and skin tightening.

Virtually a pain free treatment with visible results in 2 weeks .the treatment feels like hot stone massage.when combined with diet and exercise can reveal dramatic results for a slimmer you.

Treatment is safe and painless and requires around 4 to 6 session at an interval of 10 days with each session lasting upto 90 mins .

The procedure uses two modules

Ultrasound which helps in melting the fat in the targeted area and radiofrequency which helps tightening the skin which is lax.the procedure helps by stimulation of new collagen .the fat content of cells break down which gets excreted through lymphatics.


Cosmetic procedure in which a drug mixture of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate is injected in the targeted area where fat reduction is expected .the procedure is done at a 3 week interval wheremultiple microinjections are administered into the subcutaneous fat over multiple treatment session

The desired end result is removal of localized fat deposit


Skin and you specialises in giving diet for weight loss which can gradually be made into a lifestyle change so as to help you maintain the weight loss achieved .

Diet Advice – Have 5 proper meals a day; it should be a balanced diet, with 5 portions of fruits and 2 portions of vegetables. Avoid missing meals.

What do you will feel during the treatments – A comfortable, relaxing treatment with a typical sensation of warmth.

Effectiveness of the treatment – Inch loss varies from individual to individual. Generally a reduction of 4-6 inches is seen in the patient. At least, one to two dress-size reduction has been documented.

Maintenance plan – A diet advised by us should be followed. An exercise routine also helps. If there is no weight gain, maintenance treatments are seldom required.


Pre Treatment Protocol

  • Please avoid heavy meals for 2-4 hours before and after each treatment as the body gets confused about which fat to metabolise. If you are hungry, munch on some fruit.
  • Do not fast before the treatment as the body may go into starvation mode.
  • Avoid coffee, tea and carbonated drinks before the treatment as these may cause bloating.
  • Good hydration is must for a healthy lymphatic system, so make sure you drink enough water.
  • Avoid going in for the treatment around the time of your menstruation cycle.
  • To actually measure the results, wear the same clothes on the last day and the first day of the treatment.

Post Treatment Protocol

  • Post treatment, exercise is a must as it speeds up the metabolic rate and helps use up the mobilized fat, thus preventing it from being restored.
  • Adequate hydration is a must, both pre and post treatment.
  • Avoid eating immediately after the session. You may eat 2-3 hours after the treatment
  • Follow your diet routine as advised.
  • Your measurements are taken pre and post the treatment in order to monitor the progress.

Why Skin & You Clinic for Body Slimming Treatments?

We at Skin & You Clinic understand your concerns all plans are custom made as per indivivual needs and concerns,we help you formulate and ideal routine to achieve your desired goals.

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