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Deep pore cleansing facial is recommended for oily and acne-prone skin, while the pore cleansing facial helps control and cure severe cases of acne.

The Process

  • This treatment includes deep pore cleansing, necessary extraction and thorough exfoliation of the skin.

The Results

  • The special mask helps to dry acne and reduce the production of excess oil on the face.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

Generally pores that are larger side tend to be more susceptible to one or more acne-related conditions like blackheads, whiteheads or cysts. Typically people with oily skin have enlarged pores that secrete excess oil or sebum. These pores get clogged due to irregular cleansing routines, dirt, bacteria or pollution. This facial combats these issues and gives your skin a rejuvenated look.

The Process

  • The procedure involves application of a gel application to help soften whiteheads/blackheads, followed by a clean-up of blackheads and whiteheads
  • Pore cleansing facial is a gentle and calming facial which takes around 45 minutes.
  • Any redness caused is calmed down with a cooling gel mask that also brightens the face.

Why Skin &You Clinic for Pore Cleansing Facial?

We at Skin & You Clinic understand your skin type and your skin concerns. A plan is then formulated keeping in mind the needed changes expected. Pore cleansing treatment is a relaxing and simple treatment with lasting results.

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